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Tiles EE EN framed
This course will increase your knowledge and understanding of how tourism can be a positive catalyst for change. Aligned with Explore Edmonton’s new strategy, “A Flourishing Future,” you will be introduced to the concept of regenerative tourism, sustainable development goals and inspiration from a wide range of tactical to strategic examples. This will stage you to critically, creatively, and systemically reflect on how your business can increase your contributions to a healthy community and the visitor economy while positioning your business for the future.
Retail value: Free
Tap into Trends 2024 Tiles EN framed
Trends are a terrific source of inspiration for entrepreneurs looking to innovate and create new, appealing visitor experiences. Check out what trends are influencing and driving change, discover what travellers are looking for and learn about permanent changes in the industry. This course is designed to get your creative juices flowing so that your business or destination can gain a competitive edge.
Retail value: Free
Wellness Tourism EN framed
Global interest in wellness has been rising rapidly, presenting a world of opportunities for tourism businesses to attract new markets of visitors who are seeking well-being as part of their travel experience. This course explores current trends in the wellness sector and provides tourism businesses with the insights and tools to tap into the growing market for wellness travel.
Retail value: $79.
Introduction to SDGs v2 EN framed
Ready to make a positive change and transform your tourism business and the World! This course introduces the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It’s your compass for your journey towards a sustainable future and an opportunity to be a part of something greater, a movement that is turning the wheels of transformation. Learn to set meaningful goals, communicate transparently, and contribute to a greener, fairer planet. Gain insights and UN guidance from pioneering companies leading the way in SDG implementation. Join us for a sustainable future!
Retail value: $59.
Sustainable Tourism
Sustainable tourism is more than a trend, it is becoming an industry standard. As more travellers make their choices based on a company’s sustainable business practices, NOW is the the time to take action. This course explains why adopting sustainable business practices is the way forward through showcasing inspirational ideas from around the world, and tactical, practical ideas that will inspire action.
Retail value: $49
Introduction to SRR v3 EN 02 stroke
Sustainable tourism, responsible tourism, regenerative tourism – is there really a difference? Yes, but there is a common foundation – doing tourism in ways that mitigates the negative impacts of travel or aims to renew the planet, people and communities, while respecting that businesses need to be profitable. This course will help build awareness on the invisible burden of tourism, the importance of sustainable, regenerative tourism and inspire action. Today, businesses have an opportunity to gain a competitive edge by responding to the growing demand of travellers who want to travel more sustainably. Includes an information sheet to help get you going.
Retail value: $49
CICI Tiles EN stroke
Looking for inspiration? Looking to for ways to compete in a highly competitive tourism marketplace? To help inspire creative thinking and get ideas flowing we’ve compiled 20 examples of companies around the globe that have taken the leap of faith, focused their investment and dared to be different.
Retail value: $49.
DMT 2023 Tiles Tiles EN Stroke
More than ever, visitors are seeking memorable experiences when they travel. Discover the 11 steps in the Experience Design Pyramid©, including COVID-19 considerations, to guide you through designing memorable visitor experiences. Learn from the development journey of three Canadian businesses, a rural wellness retreat centre, a performing arts and education company, and an Indigenous tourism operator. Includes a downloadable worksheet and glossary to guide you through crafting memorable experiences for your guests.
Retail value: $129
Identifying Your Ideal Guest Tiles 2023 Identifying Your Ideal Guest Stroke
It’s great to use gut intuition to think about who your customer is, but prior to investing time and resources to develop a new visitor experience, it is essential you take the time to identify your ideal guest. This course has been designed to help you think more deeply about your visitor, trigger thinking about product and market development opportunities and approach your visitor experience design with your ideal guest in mind.
Retail value $79
TourismConnects TovutiTiles CostingAndPricing EN Stroke
Costing and pricing is an art and a science. Having a true understanding of costs and profitability is vital when pricing your visitor experiences. Don’t leave your pricing to chance; ensure your return on investment! This six-part course helps you understand the elements in costing an experience, define value, consider pricing options, and walks you through a template that auto-calculates everything you need to make decisions. Includes a downloadable Excel costing template© (retail value $45).
Retail value:129
Introduction to Packaging Travel EN stroke
Packaged travel offers many benefits to visitors, businesses, and the destination. This introductory course will prepare you to succeed in creating your own travel package. Presented in three modules, you will learn the basics of packaging travel, types and benefits, then be taken through a 9-step process to create, cost, and price your own travel package. Three downloadable resources are included: a glossary of terms, a worksheet to guide you through a 9-step process to create a travel package, plus an MS Excel costing template.
Retail value: $99
TourismConnects TovutiTiles Policies EN stroke
Policies Matter. Every tourism business needs to proactively think about their policies because they reflect what you stand for, communicate compliance with regulations, support effective operations and inform customers, staff, and stakeholders. It’s not difficult to write policies, it just takes a commitment to a 7-step process. This course will explore four critical types of policies for any tourism business:
(1) Refunds and Cancellation
(2) Sustainability
(3) Diversity Equity and Inclusion and
(4) Accessibility. Included is an information sheet to help get you started.
Retail value: $49
TourismConnects TovutiTiles PilotingVisitorExperiences EN Stroke
You test drive a new car before buying, it’s just as important to test your new visitor experience before selling it! The benefits are enormous. Discover the 10-steps to planning an effective test-run, who should be invited, and how to stage a debrief to inform refinements before launching in-market. Insights from an agri-tourism business and a performing arts company highlight the value of this critical step. Included is a downloadable worksheet to plan your test-run.
Retail value: $49
Explore Edmonton Bundle Tiles Lets Get Started framed
A world of opportunity awaits for your business to stand-out in a competitive tourism industry. A lot has changed and as competition increases there has never been a better time to take a look at your current visitor experiences and develop new ways to appeal to travellers. These three courses will equip you with the basics as you set your own pace as you progress at your own speed, anytime, from any device. The courses included are:
1. Identifying Your Ideal Guests (30 min)
2. Designing Memorable Travel (1 to 2.5 hrs)
3. Costing and Pricing Visitor Experiences (45 min)
Retail value: $275
Explore Edmonton Bundle Tiles New Product to Market framed
A world of opportunity awaits for creating new or enhanced visitor experiences to diversify the appeal of your business. Jump into action with this four-course series that begins with thinking about your ideal guest and ends with a new or enhanced product that you are piloting in market!
1. Identifying Your Ideal Guests (30 min)
2. Designing Memorable Travel (1 to 2.5 hrs)
3. Costing and Pricing Visitor Experiences (45 min)
4. Test Run Your Experience (15 min)
Retail value: $345
Explore Edmonton Bundle Tiles Ready for Action framed
Tackle the future head-on by creating new visitor experiences that give your business a competitive edge and respond to what travellers are seeking. Set your own pace as each course takes your ideas and turns them into reality.
1. Identifying Your Ideal Guests (30 min)
2. Designing Memorable Travel (1 to 2.5 hrs)
3. Costing and Pricing Visitor Experiences (45 min)
4. Test Run Your Experience (15 min)
5. Introduction to Packaging Travel (40 min)
Retail Value: $425
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